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Pixel Theory

Luke Heemsbergen

Layering of theĀ virtualĀ on to theĀ realĀ is usually how Augmented Reality is described and explained, but layering is a strange metaphor to understand what is at stake when considering the physical-digital environments…


The Death of the Metaverse?

Leighton Evans

RIP Metaverse. Not my headline, but the leading line of an article inĀ Business InsiderĀ in May 2023. As I write this at the end of May, I can look back on a month of relentless articles informing us of the death of the metaverse…


The re-emergence of the metaverse: An interview with Leighton Evans

Marcus Carter

Marcus: Thank you so much for joining us. Could you give us a bit of a brief introduction to your research on VR? What have you been interested in in the past and what are you working on now?

Leighton: My interest in VR goes back. Personally, a hell of a long way. I remember reading first about VR in about 91, maybe something like that, as a 12-year-old kid playing Sega games and buying console magazines and being promised ā€“ in this kind of really short timeline…


DallE generated image, Photograph of a marble statue of Roman Emperor Caligula in a museum, the statue is wearing a Victorian-era Virtual Reality Headset.
Woman sitting wearing Apple's Vision Pro headset looking directly at the camera with a slight smile. The headset covers her eyes, but on the headset is a live video feed of where her eyes are looking
The identity, emotion, and gaze behind Apples’s Vision Pro

Chris Chesher

When AppleĀ introduced their Vision ProĀ it represented another iteration of the immersive head-mounted display dating back to Ivan Sutherlandā€™s experiments in the 1960s, but with a difference…


Extreme close up side on image of a person wearing Apple's Vision Pro headset. They are pressing a button on the top of the headset
“My VR does not acknowledge me as a person”: Is the metaverse leaving disabled users behind?

Ben Egliston, Kate Euphemia Clark, and Marcus Carter

Last month,Ā Apple revealed its long-teased Vision Pro headset, a device that uses augmented reality technology…


Four coffee stained filters where the stain looks like a person
The ambivalence of beauty (filters) in AR: Gender exploration and selfie culture

Kiah Hawker

While using apps like TikTok or Instagram, if you decide to include an augmented reality (AR) filter (or lens) onto your image the top filters that come up, algorithmically targe