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Dis/Unity: Why game engines are central to the metaverse

Maxwell Foxman

In September 2023, Unity had to eat its words as the game production community “united” against the platform (Parrish, 2023b). Developers vociferously proclaimed boycotts and that the company was greedy, adding…


A young Rohingya woman sitting in front of a backdrop of a refugee camp and the words 'I Am Rohingya'.
Exploring ‘Proper Distance’ in Virtual Reality for Humanitarian Practice

Bimbisar Irom

Emerging technologies are increasingly being incorporated into humanitarian practice by non-governmental organizations, governments, and leading institutions. Such new technologies…


Black and white image of a woman in a VR headset in the foreground, with a neurtral expression. In the background there is a man in a lab coat next to an early computer. He is looking at the woman in the foreground
Virtual reality and refugee crises: Impact of “Clouds Over Sidra”

Porismita Borah, Danielle Ka Lai Lee, Di Mu, Anastasia Vishnevskaya, Bimbisar Irom, Ron Price, Onur Ramazan and Yoon Joo Lee

While the Syrian refugee crisis has elicited varying responses from…


The body as data: Immersive technology and biometric artistic performance

Lucy Sparrow, Caiti Galwey, Ben Loveridge, Solange Glasser, Margaret Osborne, and Ryan Kelly

The performer Sarah Nicolls sits poised at a piano at a darkened concert hall in London. This is no ordinary recital—strapped around her arms are Myo Armbands that track her arm movements, allowing her to generate curious and unnerving sounds through gesture…


Woman sitting wearing Apple's Vision Pro headset looking directly at the camera with a slight smile. The headset covers her eyes, but on the headset is a live video feed of where her eyes are looking
VR-induced awe: Can entertainment content also induce awe?

Tammy Jih-Hsuan Lin

Growing empirical evidence has implicitly shown that virtual reality (VR) is an effective means to provide various virtual environments that depict natural or artificial…


Extreme close up side on image of a person wearing Apple's Vision Pro headset. They are pressing a button on the top of the headset
How play shaped augmented reality

Kyle Moore

Play has always been at the centre of the metaverse. Gaming technology has a clear place in the history of virtual reality and worlds. From Oculus Rift’s role in reinvigorating interest in virtual reality…


Four coffee stained filters where the stain looks like a person
Dying in VR/AR/XR: Rehearsing to get it right

Tonya Meyrick, Stefan Greuter, Kiah Hawker and Luke Heemsbergen

Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Extended Reality (XR) are mediating technologies uniquely positioned to explore and experience death…